About Us

UK-RV  was setup by Andrew Usher in January of 2008.

Andrew Usher

Born in August of 1972 Andrew grew up with an interest in psychology, parapsychology and computing science.
He in an internationally renowned complementary medical practitioner, tutor and lecturer, and has trained and lectured to prominent people such as Princess Diana’s former nutritionist.

Alongside being a partner in his wife’s medical practice he  is a trainer for the Crazy Monkey Defense Program . Andrew is a life long martial artist. Andrew has appeared in several newspaper features, Martial Arts illustrated and on television (North Tonight) in regard to his martial arts expertise. He is also an accredited register of exercise professionals fitness instructor.

He has also been the Dean for the British Institute of Homeopathy, where he dealt with education and international business affairs.

With a vast knowledge base in complementary medicine and parapsychology Andrew is keen to push forward research in the fields of remote viewing and medical dowsing.

Andrew is leading a research program into the study of remote viewing with EEG and QEEG, and the aspects of remote influencing in conjunction with clinical trials.

More details regarding Andrew’s complementary medical practice, and schedule can be found at www.andrewusher.com

When not seeing clients Andrew can be found teaching at his martial arts school or with his wife and son.